Here you can find my publications, software, and an occasional blog post.


I work as a senior researcher at Statistics Netherlands and I am a research fellow at LIACS. I also volunteer as an editor-in-chief at the R Journal and I co-maintain the Awesomelist of official statistics software. I am an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.


At LIACS I work on the ANO-NET project where we develop methods to ensure anonymity in complex network data.

Most of my research is broadly in the area of statistical computing. This resulted in (co)-authoring a number of R packages in the areas of data cleaning, fuzzy string matching and text search, unit testing, and others.

My approach to research and software development is to to drill down to the fundamentals of a research question untill it becomes a mathematical exercise. Good examples of this are the validate package for data validation and this paper on analyzing R code while it runs.

How to reach me

e-mail mark dot vanderloo at gmail dot com
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